Roofing Structure

Roofs form the most important component of any building or structure as they not only protect the structure but also make it whole. Traditionally the roofing styles followed in specific regions was generally based on the environmental needs of the region. But over the past few decades with increased globalization, people are increasingly experimenting with the roofing styles from across the globe. In keeping with this trend, a roofing structures manufacturer in India needs to be well aware of the flowing different style of roofs.

Gable Style

These are perhaps the simplest styles of roofs and look like an inverted V. While these roofs are preferable in areas that receive extremely high rain or snowfall, they are not suitable for regions known for having high speed winds.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are another popular style offered by roofing companies in India. They are extremely easy to construct as they do not have a pitch. They are most popular in the plains and low lying areas across the country. They are most commonly used with the rubber roofing systems to provide the best results.

Hip Roofs

The best way to describe hip roofs is a roof that has four sloping sides and does not feature any vertical lines or walls. These roofs are a lot more complex than either the gable style or flat roofs and hence are also comparatively difficult to build due to their complex truss and rafter structure.

Gambrel Roofs

These roofs were typically used for covering the barns but now have been adapted in residential buildings as well. These roofs provide enough extra space in the attics that can be easily converted into bedrooms and living areas.

A-Frame Roof

This type of roof is extremely popular with structures such as churches, cottages and homes etc. What makes this style of roofs unique is that they act as both the wall and the roof of the structure for which they are constructed.