Bolted Structure

Over the past several decades, builders and constructors have been increasingly using steel framed and bolted structures for creating different types of structures. In addition to enhancing the robustness of the constructions, the bolted structures make for easy maintenance and repair, which had been a primary concern with conventional structures. Listed below are some of the reasons that make bolted structure manufacture in India an integral part of modern day construction industry.


They are Easy To Erect: Bolted structures basically comprise of separate segments of varying shapes and sizes joined together with the help of industry grade bolts. These segments are extremely easy to erect as the construction workers simply need to place the segments in perfect alignment before tightening the bolts on each section.

They Are Easy To Repair: Given the fact that most bolted structures are comprised of several segments, repairing any faults or discrepancies is not that difficult. The repair crews need to simply unbolt and remove the segment that needs to be repaired and replace the same once the fault has been rectified. In some cases, a temporary support might need to be placed in the section from which a segment is removed to prevent any damage to the overall structure.

They Are Economical: Whether it is the erection of a bolted structure or its repair and maintenance, they prove to be extremely cost effective for the builders as well as the structure owners. This is because not only do these structures take significantly lesser time to be erected but they also do not require any especially skilled labor for carrying out the task. They are also quite easy to transport and offer great resistance from the destructive forces of nature.

They Are Eco-Friendly: Unlike the conventional building materials, bolted structures leave an almost negligible carbon footprint, making them truly eco-friendly. Moreover, these structures can be re-used by melting them down and re-molding them to meet new building specifications, which makes them truly cost effective in the long run.

In view of the above benefits offered by bolted structures, it is not surprising that they are becoming the preferred choice of building constructors, not only across India, but across the globe.