Limestone Storage

Many Industrial minerals serve as essential raw materials to the manufacturing industry, where the added value can be several times the cost of the mineral used. Industrial limestone is an important raw material in cement manufacture, glass making, sugar refining and flue gas desulphurization(FGD). The process of cement manufacturing starts from the mining of raw materials (mainly limestone and clays). These raw materials are dropped in yard or usually stored as stockpiles. Limestone Storage mainly comes into consideration for cement production in the construction industry where its physical properties have made it the principal source in the manufacture of concrete. Stocking of limestone in covered Limestone storage system not only minimizes the above various problems, but also improves plant efficiency and maintains quality of limestone.

Manufacturing of Limestone storage shed:

For the temporary storage, Stockpiles can be kept as open stockpile or covered stockpile. Due to various environmental & handling problems endured by keeping the stockpile open, Covered stockpile are preferred & Limestone Storage Sheds are used for safe, secure and unaltered reclaiming of these raw materials from stockpile.

While planning the manufacturing of Limestone stockpile shed, MetalKarma Limited need to consider various additional factors –

· Stacker and reclaimer system to use

· Future updation of the storage quantity

· Mill feed system

· Chemical characteristics of the materials to be handled

Adhering to the highest standards of quality and assurance, the company offers complete limestone storage solution right from the design to the erection phase.

In-plant Handling of limestone storage:

Apart of bunkering and unloading of Limestone, In-plant handling of Limestone storage is process of movement, storage, control & protection of limestone with other additives throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. A large machine that is used in performing almost all in-plant handling operations, is Stacker or Reclaimer. Main motive of stacker is to produce efficient industrial outcome by avoiding problems like increase in moisture, caking, oxidation etc.

Services We Provide:

MetalKarma Limited offer the storage solutions with economical and ecological aspects which will also comply with future demands. Along with Best possible safety standards in all functions, we provide storage solution with worldwide proven technology, reliability & quality. We provide –

Highest quality standards ensuring safety and reliability
Efficiency and profitability
Intra-plant quality assuring systems
Commissioning with highly qualified supervisors
Worldwide After-Sales Services