Industrial Solutions

MetalKarma Industrial solutions storage domes, bulk storage and space frames are a cost efficient way to address space.

Space Frames

MetalKarma specializes in roof structures for industry. Manufacturing, logistics, waste management, power plants, cement plant, coal storage, Sugar Factories, Thermal plan, Cement plant are some of the uses of efficient space frame structures. Efficient space frames or vaults provide design flexibility. Plant layouts are no longer constrained to a grid, and production flow can be easily changed and equipment updated when necessary. The end of a vault may be closed with a vertical wall or a semi-dome.

Long Span Domes

Since antiquity architects and engineers have strived to build with longer spanning roofs that are efficient and esthetically pleasing.

Today, MetalKarma ‘s technology offers design professionals unprecedented functionality in new industrial facilities.

MetalKarma has built structures that span over 150m and more than 300m spans are now feasible and economical. Industrial domes are ideal in hot climates. In a dome, warm air rises creating its own insulation layer. Natural ventilation is obtained by the chimney effect, and the cooler air at floor level results in a comfortable work area and saves on cooling costs.

Space Frames can be designed for various structures.They are especially ideal and economic for wide spans such as, aircraft hangars, factories, warehouses, conference halls, sports halls, shopping centres, showrooms, telecommunication towers, domes, tube walkways, pedestrian overpasses, industrial buildings, swimming pools, resort centres, atriums, car parks, shades, canopies and many others. Space frame structures can be cladded with sandwich panels, acrylic, polycarbonate or glass glazing and will present a very modern and aesthetic view from both indoors and outdoors